10 False Assumptions Made After an Auto Accident

Posted Thursday, January 28, 2016 by Ed Harper

What would you do after being involved in an auto accident? Would you call the police? Would you document the scene? Would you schedule an appointment with your doctor right away?

These are all things to consider after being involved in an auto accident. With 25 years of legal experience, these are the steps to take should you ever find yourself in one.

Here are 10 False Assumptions that some people make when following a car accident:

  1. Insurance company and insurance company representatives are on your side.

  2. The other driver admitted fault for the accident, so I don’t think I need to call the police.

  3. The property damage estimate is accurate because a professional adjuster looked at my car.

  4. I had prior injuries, but the insurance company will believe those injuries were fully resolved at the time of this accident.

  5. My injuries are not that bad and will probably just go away with time.

  6. The insurance company for the at-fault driver will believe me when I tell them how much my bodily injury hurts and how it has affected my life.

  7. The pain has gone away for the most part, so I really don’t have to follow my health care provider’s instructions.

  8. All my medical bills will be covered because someone admitted they were at fault for the auto accident.

  9. My neighbor settled their claim by themselves and obtained a good settlement, so I can too.

  10. I can expect to receive full compensation, including my lost income, because I will be treated fairly.

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