Posted Monday, May 21, 2018 by Ed Harper

A significant skill a person can have is the ability to set a goal, and then accomplish that goal. These seven (7) steps are a good starting place for anybody who hopes to achieve their goals.

  1. IDENTIFY YOU GOAL – You must have a target for what you are going after. As Harvey Penick, the famed golf coach to Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite, said – “Take Dead Aim” and you may hit it.

  2. IDENTIFY THE BENEFITS FROM REACHING THE GOAL – This provides the personal motivation to accomplish your goals.

  3. LIST MAJOR OBSTACLES OF REACHING YOUR GOAL – Think through the problem(s) you may encounter and even ask a trusted friend or loved one to help.

  4. LIST THE SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED TO REACH YOUR GOAL - There is a direct relationship between knowing and doing. Successfully accomplishing a goal requires both to occur.

  5. IDENTIFY THE INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS TO WORK WITH – People work better when they can share with each other and offer valuable advice.

  6. DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION –Think through the details of how to achieve the goal. This is the hardest part.

  7. SET UP A COMPLETION DATE – If there is no set a deadline, there will be no personal accountability or to the calendar.

One might ask: how this pertains to personal injury claims? Claimants must have a clear vision of what they are going after before the claim is settled. If money is all the other side can provide, then there is a business decision to make at the culmination of the negotiation. Does it make sense financially to settle or take it to trial? That is the key question claimant’s must answer before settling.


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