Traumatic Brain Injury and Persisting Symptoms

Posted Monday, August 05, 2019 by Ed Harper

Traumatic brain injurySeveral my most recent and satisfying cases involving traumatic brain injury include horrific damages which have had significant effect on clients. All socio-economic categories can be affected by traumatic brain injury, and I do not like to designate any brain injury as a mild event. Any brain injury is significant for the injured person.Cases involving brain injury can be the most rewarding and I enjoy them particularly as a brain injured sufferer myself, as well as supporting families through this difficult time.Postconcussion syndrome (PCS) recently has been assessed in the Journal of Neurotrauma by Carmen Hiploylee, a neurosurgeon at the Canadian Concussion Center in Toronto. An article Dr. Hiploylee authored in 2017 indicates Link Text that those suffering from brain injury and responded to Dr. Hiploylee’s study indicated that “no patient recovered who had PCS lasting 3 years or longer. Only 27% of the population studied eventually recovered and 67% of those who recovered did so within the 1st year. The finding that PCS may be permanent if it lasts longer than 3 years suggests that it may be critical to treat PCS appropriately in the early stages.” Pg. 1518 of Dr. Hiploylee’s study.Some things you can be aware of if you have these persisting symptoms after a brain injury: HeadachesDifficulty concentratingFatigueDazed/don’t feel right/feeling in a fogPressure in the head sensitivity to light difficulty remembering recent/remote eventsNeck pain Sensitivity to noise depression/sadness Insomnia/sleeping too little or too much Irritability Anxiety Frustration Feeling slowed down Noise in the ears Vision changes Lightheadedness Imbalance More emotional Dizziness Nausea Increased sensitivity to alcohol ConfusionPersonality changesVivid dreamsNumbnessVertigoPanic attacksDisorientationStomach acheLoss of appetite Slurred speech Seizures VomitingAt Harper Law, we strive to support TBI victims and their families. If you suffer from the residual and persisting symptoms from a brain injury mentioned above following an injury through no fault of your own, talk to Ed Harper at Harper Law PLLC. or 425-284-3333.

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