Harper Law PLLC Values Statement

Family Values

I have adopted the following statement of values as the basis for my legal practice. Each statement is rooted in one or more of these important principles: Respect, Responsibility and Relationship.

  1. As an attorney who is a Christian, I am guided by my faith. It is my goal to provide legal services in a skilled and experienced manner to people in need of assistance. It is our aim to provide the best possible customer service for personal injury clients.
  2. My staff and I place the needs of our clients at the forefront in advocating for their individual interests. We strive to treat all clients with compassion, understanding and respect.
  3. I speak honestly with my clients when advising and representing their interests. I feel strongly that my clients are entitled to high-quality legal advice. While I cannot guarantee any particular result, I am committed to providing each client with a thorough and accurate assessment of their case, based on my education and sixteen years of experience practicing law.
  4. It is my desire to establish long-lasting relationships with my clients. I strive to maintain these relationships in such a way that each client feels confident referring others who may require legal assistance to Harper Law, PLLC.
  5. I strive to set an example for my staff by taking responsibility for performing tasks correctly the first time. My staff and I strive to handle every claim as though each of us has a personal interest in the outcome.

We Are Here to Help

Although our office does not handle all types of cases, we hope you will contact us regarding any legal issues you may encounter. We will answer your questions, or refer you to another quality and trustworthy attorney if we are unable to assist you.

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