Steroid users should be banned from sports

Posted Wednesday, March 07, 2007 by Ed Harper

As you all know steroids continue to rear their ugly head in the news. These substances are illegal, and their usage continues in almost all sports. Athletes continue to think they are above the law, or that the ends justify the means. Look at Barry Bonds, soon (I hope not) to be the home run champion of all time in Major League Baseball. He will pass Henry "Hank" Aaron when he hits home run #756 sometime this summer.

Unless Bonds’ is indicted first.

If Bonds does break the record, there should be an asterisk by his name to indicate his scandalous behavior. Or, just as Pete Rose is rightfully kept out of the Hall of Fame until he comes clean, Bonds should not be allowed to be inducted in the Hall of Fame without the truth being made known.I often hear comments such as well if he has not tested positive, then what is the problem. The problem is that Bonds and others have seen fit to take advantage of lax testing policies in order to acquire an advantage in their respective sport. He has damaged America’s pastime and for that he should be punished.

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