Consumer Product Safety Commission add Magnetix to recall list

Posted Saturday, May 19, 2007 by Ed Harper

CPSC finally has acted this in regulating Magnetix, the popular toy, made by Rose Art, is subject to a recall due to continued complaints from consumers. Complaints have ranged from the toy falling apart to even death by young infants who have swallowed magnetic pieces within the toys. Magnets which have been ingested can attaach within the intestines and digestive systems wreaking havoc on the the young children’s bodies.

According to the Chicago Tribune in a recent article to date, at least 27 children have suffered serious intestinal injuries after swallowing loose Magnetix magnets. More than 1,500 complaints have come in regarding magnetic pieces falling out of the toys. CPSC has stated that the following: boxes labeled for ages 6 and older that carry a tiny caution label about the risk of internal injuries from swallowed magnets.

The article points out the problems within the CPSC with shrunken staff and limited authority. Parents need to watch out for the safety of their children as some companies are not acting in their children’s best interests. In short, individuals have suffered and died because of an inability to maintain watch on companies that are only concerned with their bottom line.

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