After a car accident, getting your bills paid

Posted Saturday, July 14, 2007 by Ed Harper

Car accidents injuries can be debilitating for any person. However, when medical bills are stacking up, you expect your auto insurance company to help you. In the state of Washington, most people injured in an accident have personal injury protection or medical payment coverage. This is first party coverage. As an occupant of a vehicle with PIP, or even a pedestrian injured in an accident from a vehicle with PIP the medical bills should be paid for by your own insurance. If you do not have PIP, then your health insurance coverage will become primary. However, you may need to provide your health insurance company with a letter indicating you do not have PIP or an exhaustion letter if all of your PIP benefits have been used.

You have to use your PIP coverage first. This is not typically a problem and PIP will cover many other items of loss as well after a car accident. For example, it will cover loss of essential services, i.e. household expenses which you have incurred due to your injury. It will also cover wage loss after the first 14 days up to $10,000 (typical amount of PIP) for the first year after an auto accident. You can recover payment for your injuries even if you are at fault for the collision.

Ed Harper, over the last 17 years has assisted his clients in obtaining their insurance benefits following an accident. Ed Harper seeks to ensure that his clients are fully compensated for their injuries. An insurance company is not likely to explain the nuances of the insurance policy. Claims adjusters usually are adept at cutting off claims after a certain amount of treatment or if you have a pre-existing condition. Do not expect an adjuster, even if he or she is employed by your insurance company, is going to be your advocate. Do not give any statements or sign any authorizations to allow the insurance company unfettered access to your medical records without seeking legal advice.

At Harper Law PLLC we have represented hundreds of individuals who have been injured in auto accidents. We would like to represent you if you have been injured through no fault of you own, and we will answer all of your questions stemming from a collision. We are located in Kirkland, Washington and have represented car accident victims throughout the State of Washington and many other states, including California, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Texas.

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