Call the police after a collision and know your location when you call

Posted Saturday, July 14, 2007 by Ed Harper

After collisions, people often assume there is no need to contact the police if there is an exchange of information. However, for accident reconstruction purposes, the law enforcement officer can document certain items that may be in dispute later. For example, whether in his opinion someone was at fault for the accident. Secondly, whether one of the drivers should receive a traffic citation can be determined by the officer as well. Both of these items, while not always admissible in a subsequent civil claim, proving the validity of claim is vastly improved by having an officer’s report.

Additionally, 911 operators are having a difficult time determining the whereabouts of many collisions and 911 calls because of the advent of the cellular phone. One who dials 911 should be able to quickly inform the operator there location. Landlines have the ability to inform the emergency dispatch operators where the call is originating from, but cellular phones do not. Progress is being made to the 911 system, but it may be several years before even the most urbanized areas of our country have this ability.

Thus, know where you are located and call 911 after a collision. Tell the dispatcher that you are requesting assistance after a collision. If any one is complaining of injuries, ask for an aid car for emergency personnel in order to evaluate the injuries.

Ask to be transported by ambulance if you are injured. IF there is any question as to the severity of injuries, it is always best to be evaluated as soon as possible. Additionally, you will be seen much more quickly at the emergency room if you are brought in by ambulance, rather then driving yourself. Also, if an ER department is too busy, the aid car drivers will call ahead and determine this situation. Thus, you can be routed to a less busy ER department.

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