Injuries in Motor Vehicle Collision #2

Posted Saturday, July 14, 2007 by Ed Harper

Car Accidents

Side impacts have a tremendous potential for causing serious back, neck and brain damage. Little protection for the driver and/or passenger exist to withstand the force of a direct impact on the doors of most vehicles. Side air bags help but the twisting motion exerted on one’s body cause damaging effects. The torque in these collisions, (a rotating force) on the spine often causes long-term consequences. Vehicles that have seats that reducing any sliding movement and absorbs the force will help in a side impact.

Injury prevention

Activity and regular physical exertion can help prevent serious back injuries when they do occur. Having a strong core, strong abdominal muscles can help relieve the strain exerted on the lumbar spine. Being in good shape and having an exercise program in place may help alleviate the detrimental effect of the collision when it does occur.

Good posture and having more flexibility will help as well. Here are some examples of exercise programs.

1) Put the spine to work on a regular basis.

a. Forward bends and toe touches for flexion

b. Arching back for extension

c. Lateral side to side bending

d. Rotation of trunk in a clockwise and then counterclockwise motion over a fixed pelvis

Try these exercises starting out slowly and gradually working up over time with weights. This will help increase your comfortable range of motion.

  1. Loading and working the spinal muscles. Start with isometrics (w/o weights) and use force and pressure performing each exercise without actually moving. For example, try arching your back against a wall, applying force but not actually performing the exercise.

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