False Assumption - 9. My neighbor settled her own claim

Posted Tuesday, July 24, 2007 by Ed Harper

My neighbor settled her own claim and obtained a good settlement. Many individuals think that perhaps a friend or relative can assist in the settlement of their personal injury claim. Maybe your loved one believes they successfully settled a claim previously without the assistance of an attorney, or perhaps they used to work for an insurance company. However, while they undoubtedly have good intentions, they can’t really know how successfully they’ve resolved their claim as they don’t have any data with which to compare the results of their settlement! Insurance companies are not in business to be “fair”. They are in business to make money. No one should advocate for another person unless they are licensed to practice law. Let me say it again ~ insurance companies are in business to make profits. It’s that simple.

The insurance companies handle thousands of claims annually. It is vital that you seek and obtain a very knowledgeable attorney who has the experience to represent your interests against the interests of the insurance company. You should be represented by that attorney as if the attorney was representing a family member or loved one. That is our goal here at Harper Law.

We know what we are doing; and equally important, we really care about what an injured person is going through ~ medically, emotionally, and legally. We strive to make the legal experience one in which you feel comfortable and confident in our ability to provide information and direction along the way and to provide realistic and accurate assessments of your claim throughout the process.

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