False Assumption - 2. The other driver admitted fault for the accident, so I don't think I need to call the police.

Posted Saturday, July 21, 2007 by Ed Harper

The other driver admitted fault for the accident, so I don’t think I need to call the police.

As I mentioned in previous entries, a police officer can document important details following an auto accident. The traffic collision report can help establish liability - in other words, it can help to determine who is legally responsible to pay for the auto accident. The report can also shed light on the traffic conditions, the weather conditions, and the general driving conditions, all of which are important in reconstructing the accident.

However, police offers do not always have to come to an accident scene if the auto accident occurs on private property. Many parking lot accidents are not within the jurisdiction of the local police force. Similarly, shopping malls, shopping centers and large department stores often have security officers who could provide assistance in documenting the accident.

Finally, whenever liability is disputed, having an independent witness may well be the determining factor. If you are aware of a witness who saw the accident, get their name, number, e-mail address, and find out if they will support your version of what happened. This may make the difference in winning or losing your claim.

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