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Posted Saturday, April 26, 2008 by Ed Harper

Ed practices in all areas of personal injury law. This includes the investigation of accidents wherein someone is injured due to the fault of someone or something else. These days, the vast majority of cases have to do with investigating claims for people who are injured in highway accidents ~ through no fault of their own. However, Ed has represented people who are injured in many different ways, and it would be impossible to list all the various circumstances. However, some additional types of claims Ed has handled are injury cases caused by construction accidents, dog bites, Medical malpractice, bicycle accidents, pedestrian collisions, traumatic brain injuries, product liability (such as a defective lap band used in surgery or a malfunctioning wheelchair leading to a fall and resulting in head trauma), and any on the job injury where someone other than the employer can be deemed at fault, to name just a few. We also review insurance claims for people to help them understand their policies, benefits and coverage. This often has to do with interpreting motor vehicle insurance policies, but can also include health insurance and disability policies. The scope of Ed’s practice includes primarily people who have been injured in the state of Washington, but Ed is also licensed to practice law in California. In addition, he has helped people who were injured in Mexico, Scotland, Arizona, , Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas.

If you know of a loved one who has been injured, please have them contact our office before they sign any liability release for any insurance company. The insurance companies are very anxious to have injured people sign away their rights before the injured person has a chance to seek the advice of an attorney who practices in personal injury law.

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Although our office does not handle all types of cases, we hope you will contact us regarding any legal issues you may encounter. We will answer your questions, or refer you to another quality and trustworthy attorney if we are unable to assist you.

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