Recent over-exertion in 13 Iowa Hawkeye football players leads them to hospital

Posted Saturday, April 02, 2011 by Ed Harper

Twelve Iowa Hawkeye football players are recovering after having been taken to the University of Iowa Hospital on 1/24/11 with a condition stemming from over-exertion. The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported the Iowa players have rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of the muscle fibers that release myoglobin into the bloodstream as a result of damage to the muscle. This can be caused by excessive exercise and dramatically affects the kidneys. In some cases this can lead to kidney failure/renal failure.

The University of Iowa released a statement the players were hospitalized, but were all in safe and stable condition. The players admitted they have been participating in NCAA allowable workouts. however, because these workouts were extremely difficult, and followed some two-three weeks of inactivity, the players were being treated for workout related issues.

Of specific interest is the claim by one of the players, who desired to remain anonymous, the trauma was likely induced by performing 100 squat maneuvers with a weight of more than 240 pounds. The event was performed with time being a factor. Caution for coaches arises as these college athletes, will push their bodies to the extreme, often to their own demise. Coaches must exercise extreme caution in order to prevent harmful side-effects to the men and women under their charge.

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